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SGE Capabilities Statement 2024

Located in Bowin, Chonburi Thailand, Global Engineering is an industry leader in steel fabrication, since being established in 1996. Formed to bring international markets a choice where they no longer have to settle for fabrication services that are inflexible. Siam Global Engineering seeks to be your next joint venture partner. We listen to your needs and strive to exceed your expectations. Nothing is too difficult and we will always find a way to deliver on everything we promise.

Siam Global Engineering Co.,Ltd has experience in supplying solutions to both International and National Projects, with (standards of high significance) both small and large. Our focus is to treat all projects with the same care and attention to detail. Siam Global Engineering Co., Ltd can provide you with a comprehensive range of materials and services for the oil and gas, petrochemical, mining, power, industrial, civil and associated industries.

Siam Global Engineering Co.,Ltd services covers distribution of quality sourced materials, excellence engineering, project management and logistic with lead times focusing heavily on getting it right first time, without fail.

Siam Global Engineering Co.,Ltd we regard safety, health and environmental performance to be of prime importance to our business and we are committed to exceeding International and Client standards.


To provide projects solutions with the best quality, lead time and price.

Our Values

  • Reliable: Uncompromised integrity in always ensuring that our people are delivering on what has been agreed upon.
  • Accountable: Ensuring that our people are 100% accountable for their actions, behaviours and outcomes.
  • Respectable: Our employees are at all times respectful to others and carry the Siam Global Engineering Co,. Ltd. name with pride.
  • Accessible: We ensure that our clients’ needs are met without reservation.
  • Adaptable: The only constant in our business is change. We strive to meet this change with enthusiasm and willingness.

Our Vision

To maintain our reputation for timely and client focused service delivery of our products and services.

Global's Facilities

Siam Global Engineering has a 15,200 m/2 manufacturing facility situated in the province of Chonburi, Thailand 30km away from Laem Chabang Port. As an international recognised shipping facility that offers universal services worldwide our location is 7km from the Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate Gateway, with wide/long load access to the North, South and West.

Siam Global Engineering is a leading steel fabricator in Thailand with the capacity to manufacture quality end products. Our diversified portfolio of services enables us to meet customer requirements across industries.


Facility Layout

• Office Area: 256m2 (2,756ft2)
• Covered Workshop: 4,464m2 (48,050ft2)
• Covered Store Area: 288m2 (3,100ft2)
• Blasting & Painting Area: 984m2 (10,591ft2)
• Open Yard Area: 7,000m2 (75,347ft2)
• Total Facility Area: 15,200m2 (163,611ft2)

Shop Dimension

Workshop 1 - 48m (L) x 36m (W) x 9m (H)
Workshop 2 - 54m (L) x 60m (W) x 9m (H)

Global Location


New Facility Coming Soon

We are excited and optimistic the growth of Global Engineering. Our expansion contains  high-tech facilities including state-of-the-art machinery, and ample space to support growth and development. You, our clients, suppliers and partners are welcome to visit to have a look around, while sharing ideas, success, and new services we will have on offer soon.

  • Land Area: 128,000m2
  • Workshop Dimensions: 33m wide x 112m long x 12m high
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Key Personnel

Mr. Apilas Suriyavanagul

Managing Director

Apilas is responsible for developing, implementing and communicating overall strategy and operations.

“We are facing new challenges every year.  Our focus has been on building and securing a sustainable future.  

With technological changes, we are transforming the way we work and always looking for opportunities to grow with four pillars; QUALITY, TIME, COST, and COMMUNICATION.”


Mr. John Lightbody

Business Consultant

John is responsible for managing and developing existing business as well as identifying and securing new business opportunities.

Recently joining the company he brings with him more than 25 years of experience in structural fabrication, mining, industrial and has worked intensively in the Oil and Gas Industry.

Mr. Atthaphol

Engineering Manager

Atthaphol is responsible for leading the engineering department . He has almost 20 years experience in engineering and shop detailing. Atthaphol has been employed with the company for 10 years.

He oversees local and international projects, through his expertise in designing, modelling, shop drawing, and estimating.

Atthaphol is committed to the engineering departments development into a local and international market leader. With support from his team and their unique skills the company and it’s business is rapidly growing.


Mr. Pongsak

QA/QC Manager

Pongsak is responsible for managing quality management control and planning meets international standards. He has a background within the Oil & Gas, Structural Fabrication, and Mining Industries. He has been employed with the company for over 10 years.

His vision is to improve and grow the company in line with industry technology achieving the highest of quality management system for clients.

A credited with International Qualifications.

ASNT Level ll MT DP-MT-11-1807232
ASNT Level ll PT DP-MT-11-1807232
ASNT Level ll RT TGI-R1-09014
AWS CAWI 19020044
Internal Audit and Management Review of ISO9001:2015 NTP2022-1095
Thai Professional Engineering (Industrial Eng.180)


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